The training done at our church was very positive and the methods shared has served as a motivation tool for our members as a powerful witnessing tool. Once you start praying for someone and add them to your own list you broaden your opportunity for witnessing! 

Date Written: 13 October 2009
Testimony by: Pastor Lloyd Johnson
Raleigh, NC

 It is always a joy and so uplifting anytime I interact with Team Courage. Thank you for all you do! You all are appreciated. 

Date Written: 13 October 2009
Testimony by: Rebecca Powell
Wilmington, NC

 I was amazed at campmeeting when Anthony and Melvic did a presentation on Team Courage. I have not been the same since, because I am always thinking about; Is there anything I can keep in prayer for you today? I love it and God is blessing this ministry to its fullest potential. I will be a part of leading people to Christ with the help of God. I thank God for using young minds to finish His Gospel into all the world and then shall the end come. I love you guys and keep allowing God to fully do his work through you. Love Angela Roper  

Date Written: 10 October 2009
Testimony by: Angela Roper
Greenwood, SC

 I met the founder of the Global Encouragement Center (Team Courage) years ago just after the ministry was born. Over the years I have watched how the ministry vision has grown and transformed into what you see today. While things were not always great and there were many challenges, I congratulate you for NOT quitting. Keep up the good work and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as you move forward. 

Date Written: 09 October 2009
Testimony by: CEO of CCHG LLC
Atlanta, GA

 Your encouragement workshop has changed the way we relate to our neighbors. My wife and I recently baked cookies for the residents in our apartment building and introduced ourselves to each one. What a blessing! The next day several of the residents left cards on our door thanking us for our kindness. One gentlemen was so pleased to meet us that he told us that our gift was the nicest thing anyone had done for him in the twelve years he has lived in the complex. Currently, we are enjoying growing relationships with our new friends and searching for more opportunities to share Christ. All of this as the result of some simple acts of kindness. Thanks to the encouragement workshop we are learning to put the grace of God in motion.  

Date Written: 09 October 2009
Testimony by: Dion McKinney
Atlanta, GA

 Words cannot fully express the effectiveness, impact and far reaching influence of the Global Encouragement Center (Team Courage) outreach ministry. May God continue to richly bless and expand your ministry.  

Date Written: 08 October 2009
Testimony by: Pastor Brian McKinney
Valdosta, GA

 If there is ever a time in the history of the earth, that encouragement is not only necessary but mandatory, it is now! Because Satan knows that if he can keep us discouraged, then he knows that he can be victorious. We have lost the battle without encouragement! The purpose of discouragement is to make you quit. Keep encouraging people Team Courage. Encouragement is good for the mental health and the physical health as well. It lowers your blood pressure, it lowers your cholesterol and it boost your immune system. Discouragement raises your blood pressure, raises your cholesterol, it destroys your immune system and it weakens the heart. Discouragement is death and Encouragement is life. 

Date Written: 07 October 2009
Testimony by: CEO of Creative Enterprises, LLC
Huntsville, AL

 In the day and time in which we live, your (team encouragement ministry) has been an up-lifting, positive, spiritually enlightening tool that God is using to motivate, inspire, instruct and encourage His people. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless your ministry and the people that you serve.  

Date Written: 05 October 2009
Testimony by: CEO of Dynamic Growth, LLC
Atlanta, GA

 I am very encouraged that your team has developed such an outstanding outreach ministry program. I believe that this is a very timely approach, that has been designed for these troubled times very much in need of this form of special hope and encouragement. 

Date Written: 03 October 2009
Testimony by: Bonnie McKinney, CEO of New Concept Center

 Brother McKinney, this is what I am doing in my church as a community service director. Thank you and your wife for being such great instructors at our South Atlantic Conference Campmeeting. Our food bank is a success (in our 1st month), we gave out 218 food boxes, serving over 650 people (approx. 3 people per family). Our blood drive was a success. We had 18 first time donors! We had 30 people signed up, 24 came to donate. We are now focusing on our Power of Prayer Community Club. Your Encouragement Workshop was a great help here in Asheville, you taught the members how to win souls with their special talents. Thank you, I don’t have to beg, I just look on my papers (E-Prayer Request Form) and see who volunteered. 

Date Written: 30 September 2009
Testimony by: Mrs. Viola Williams, Community Service Director for 2009
Asheville, NC

 ”… I was impressed with the simplicity, straightforwardness, material content, marketing strategy and the spiritual focus of the presentation. “Be Encouraged Daily” has unlimited potential to serve the client with prayer, bible study, support materials and services. At the same time, it sorts out people according to their spiritual gifts. I am persuaded to get involved and I am encouraging you to become a part of this winning ministry…” 

Date Written: 10 September 2009
Testimony by: Blondel E. Senior, Ph. D
Calhoun, TN

 This letter is to acknowledge having listened to your plans and vision for the program “Be Encouraged Daily” – a strategy for engaging the entire local congregation (pulpit and pew) in church growth… I believe your program possesses a simplicity easily understood, a practicality encouragingly grasped, and a potential clearly unlimited… 

Date Written: 05 September 2009
Testimony by: Mervyn A. Warren, Ph. D., D. Min.
Huntsville, AL
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